Escudo de Alcobendas
  • City of Alcobendas Observatory.

    The main objective is to provide the user with updated official statistical information which can be consulted through the Web quickly and easily, allowing a permanent analysis and diagnosis of the city and its districts, in order to offer a global vision that enable adjusting the different actions to their needs.

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  • Transparency.

    With the City of Alcobendas Observatory, the Administration moves towards transparency, facilitating public information for its consultation and analysis, as shown by the Index of Municipalities (ITA) published by Transparency International that describes Alcobendas as the most transparent City Council in Spain.

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Statistical News
(28-05-2021)  - STUDIES.- Satisfaction Survey Report: 010 Service. Mar 2021.
(08-04-2021)  - ESTRATEGY.- First follow up report – Plan Reactiva Alcobendas Feb 2021
(07-04-2021)  - STUDIES.- Qualitative survey: “Citizen conceptions about the social welfare model and its management in Alcobendas municipality” (2020)
(17-02-2021)  - STUDIES.- Quality of life Survey 2020 Alcobendas City
(16-09-2020)  - ESTRATEGY.- Economic and Social Reactivation Plan Alcobendas 2020.
(16-09-2020)  - ESTRATEGY.- Action Plan of the Municipal Legislature Alcobendas 2020-2023.
(03-03-2020)  - STUDIES.- Users Satisfaction Survey Urban Planning Permissions 2019
(22-01-2020)  - STUDIES.- Alcobendas Street Market Users Satisfaction Survey 2018-2019
(22-01-2020)  - STUDIES.- Alcobendas Street Market Traders Satisfaction Survey 2018-2019
(17-01-2020)  - STUDIES.- Perceived Quality Survey on Summer Camp 2019

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